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Early Childhood Literacy Strategies

Early Childhood Literacy Strategies
Literacy Activities
Influence of Family and Culture on Literacy
Structure of Language
Typical and Atypical Language Development
Emergent Literacy Development
Emergent Literacy Strategies
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What your child needs to know...

  • Phonemic Awareness- knowing that most letters make sounds
  • Phonics: associating a sound with a letter, or letters
  • Vocabulary: words in the story
  • Fluency: reading without pausing after every word
  • Writing: invented spelling is appropriate at this age - lines or other marks that represent a sound in a word, i.e., l l l for CAT.
  • Comprehension: understanding what was read
  • Teaching Letters of the Alphabet:

environmental print, alphabet books, magnetic letters, letter stamps, alphabet stamps, alphabet chart, letter containers, letter frames, letter books and posters, letter sorts, white boards

Sources: NCLB; Tompkins, G. (2006). Literacy for the 21st Century: A Balanced Approach (4th ed.) Prentice Hall, Saddle River: NJ. p. 90